The Laser Blast Film Society Presents: Runaway Nightmare

When: June 18, 2014 @ 7:30 p.m.

  • PRE-SHOW: 7:30 p.m.
  • FEATURE: 8:00 p.m.

Where: The Royal Cinema, 608 College Street, Toronto, ON

Vinegar Syndrome, Rue Morgue Magazine and The Laser Blast Film Society are proud to invite you to a screening of an utterly baffling and insane motion picture: Runaway Nightmare screening on a newly restored VHS!

Dir. Mike Cartel
Cast: Mike Cartel, Al Valletta, Seeska Vandenberg & Cindy Donlan
Runtime: 105 min
Country: USA
Screening Format: A newly restored VHS, courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome and Videonomicon!

Poster art by Shira Haberman.

“Nothing...I mean NOTHING the likes of RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE has ever crossed my path... It's an ass-backward oddity with enough catawampus appeal to merit a small cult following.” - Eyeaskance, IMDB user review

“Un-fucking-believable!” -

“I might best describe it as an S & M western co-directed by Doris Wishman and Rainer Werner Fassbinder filtered through the minds of the Manson family as their brains bake under the heat of the desert sun.” -

Ralph (writer/editor/director Mike Cartel) and Jason are a hapless pair of Nevada worm ranchers that suddenly find themselves whisked away by an all-female cult and embroiled in a plot to rob a supply of platinum from a local crime syndicate.

Jason revels in the excitement of being prisoner to a gaggle of gorgeous (and promiscuous) women with names like Hesperia, Torchy, Fate and Electra, but Ralph, who relished the peaceful solitude of raising insects, struggles to find the silver lining, especially as he comes to learn that members of the cult are either violent psychotics or straight-up blood-sucking vampires!

Gunfights, bar brawls, awkward dinners, and some of the most baffling performances in film history, ensue.

Recently rescued from obscurity and restored from its original 35mm negative by the incredible preservationists at VINEGAR SYNDROME Mike Cartel's one and only feature film is a genuine brain-melter of a movie. A delirious mash-up of sex, comedy, and absurdist horror, it ricochets between episodes of exceptionally dry wit and those of utter bewilderment.

It is as if Russ Meyer were to re-imagine KISS ME DEADLY with the aesthetic malaise of “MANOS”: HANDS OF FATE, starring Nicholas Cage (Cartel could be his lost twin) doing a James Stewart impersonation. If all that arches your eyebrows the right way, then run (don't walk) to witness RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE!

Laser Blast Video Nights is a monthly celebration of the golden age of home video entertainment, from eccentric outsider artist obscurities to mind-blowing direct-to-video action, all showcased in their originally intended magnetic tape format and projected on the big-screen as they were NEVER meant to be seen. Each screening will be presented on a VHS (complete with unique box art), and one lucky audience member will get a chance to take it home at the end of each screening to add it to their collection!

The Laser Blast Film Society is made possible in part by the funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.