The Laser Blast Film Society Presents: Furious

When: August 31, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

  • FEATURE: 7:00 p.m.

Where: The Royal Cinema, 608 College Street, Toronto, ON

FURIOUS (1984)
Dir. Tim Everitt
Cast: Simon Rhee, Loren Avedon, Howard Jackson, Philip Rhee
Runtime: 85 min
Country: USA
Screening Format: VHS

“A ridiculous, scrappy, sometimes laughable, always surprising, genre-bending masterpiece that some might, file under the “so bad, it’s good” heading, but that I consider to be an inspiration, and one of the great American independent films, just waiting to be discovered.” - Kevin Clark, Strange Movie Reviews

“Furious has no right to exist. But it does. There’s no fathoming its creation. It’s a movie with 10,000 ideas but zero story; impossible ambition coupled with the desire to alienate anyone watching.” - Zack Carlson, BLEEDING SKULL

Although advertised as a martial arts adventure in which “heroes battle aliens from the Astral Plane for control of the universe” the true contents of FURIOUS are far, far stranger.

A martial artist wordlessly strikes out from his woodland abode to seek vengeance for his sister's death, but at the behest of his master is sent on a surrealist adventure that pits him against hordes of baddies, including an evil chef, a chicken-obsessed magician, and the director's own DEVO-esque punk band.

Shot over six days by a two man crew for the cost of 90 minutes of 35mm film stock, necessitating a strict 1:1 shooting ratio, and featuring a stolen Soviet-era score and credits from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, Tim Everitt's psychedelic kung fu debut is a fiercely independent work that both baffles and inspires.

Furious also jump-started the career of PM Entertainment stunt experts Simon and Philip Rhree (The Best of the Best series) and Seasonal Films legend Loren Avedon (No Retreat, No Surrender 2, 3 & King of Kickboxers), in a sense making perhaps the most pivotal film in the pantheon of the Laser Blast Film Society.

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