DIRECTOR: Richard Pepin
CAST: Jack Scalia, Cindy Ambuehl, Jonathan Banks
YEAR: 1996
RUNTIME: 104 min

DATE: July 22nd, 2015
VENUE: The Royal Cinema
FORMAT: Digital Print

Explosions, aliens. gore, cars spinning through fireballs, Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks turning into a space lizard, a dude who turns his hat backwards BEFORE he fires a rocket launcher, incessant defenestration and did we already mention explosions? Yep, there’s a lot of explosions; welcome to PM Entertainment and welcome to Dark Breed.

What was to be the production company's most expensive film yet, Dark Breed assembles the likes of tried and tested sci-fi action flicks like The Hidden, Terminator 2 and Aliens, and stuffs their best bits into a microwave and fuses them together with dial turned to maximum dumb-fun.

Never mind a "shoot-em-up", this is an unabashed "blow-em-up" where an astronaut (Jack Scalia) discovers that his best friend (Jonathan Banks) has returned to earth as a reptilian villain on a super-secret mission of mass destruction. 

Now it's up to the astronaut and his wife (who has also been transformed into an alien hybrid), along with their friends at the ‘Omega Agency’ to saddle up and unload their firepower at everyone and thing that gets in their way. The ensuing bedlam features some of Hollywood's most hyperbolic wire-pull stunts ever!