The Laser Blast Film Society started with an impossible dream: A guy named Justin wanted to watch films with his friends.

He saved enough money from his customer service job to buy a projector, coerced all his friends together once a week, and they screened weird films against a bare white wall. Their lives were changed by Hong Kong kung-fu films, backyard slashers, and the straight to video car crash filled magic of PM entertainment.

A good friend named Peter, thought it would be a fun idea to share those life-changing films with the rest of the world. He wanted to do it in the best cinema (The Royal Cinema), and there they would endeavour to program the strangest, wildest and most obscure movies they could find. Now each month, they invite everyone and anyone to join The Laser Blast Film Society and share in their collective enthusiasm, incredulity and appreciation for eccentric cinema!



Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available!


We partner with local film and genre advocates to bring more movies to our programming!

If you're interested in opportunities for sponsorship or if you'd like to partner up on an event in Toronto, drop us a line!

The Laser Blast Film Society is made possible by these awesome organizations: